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What is augmented reality?


The latest technology provides us with access to augmented reality which is a real life, simulated view of a real, physical environment of which all the elements is supplemented or augmented by making use of computer-generated sensory input. We find ourselves in a situation where virtual reality becomes a substitute for the real-world environment and in its place we have a simulated environment and now we use augmented reality which can be used to add new features to the existing real-world environment and this provides us with a 3-D model of our construction design. We can now use augmented reality technology employing technologies such as computer vision and also object recognition and this provides us with the ability to interact with very our surroundings and that environment can be manipulated by making use of digital technology. In other words, when using augmented reality, we use sophisticated computer software to create real-world coordinates from camera images.

Applying this technology to construction


when a corporation desires to use augmented reality in one of their construction projects they will need to use a 3-D model of one of their designs and add that to an existing space by making use of 3-D models and mobile devices. Augmented reality is frequently used in media entertainment and in video gaming and this allows developers to show how a real image is interacting with one which was created by making use of computer graphics. The value of this technology as far as construction and architecture is concerned became increasingly clear over the years and very soon major construction companies started to use augmented reality which allows them to demonstrate to potential clients how proposed designs could be used to their advantage. The reality is that when people see a 3-D model this is really helpful when it comes to design visualization and in space planning. Initially augmented reality was used by construction firms, engineering, architecture and other prominent technology groups but now it is accessible by other interested parties such as small construction companies and other interested parties.

Augmented reality is a game changer


There are many construction technologies companies which is making use of augmented reality in order to more effectively advise clients when it comes to construction projects. The technology makes it possible to place a 3-D model in its proper context and it can then be viewed on an android or iOS device. This allows users to focus on a specific design with a smartphone camera and the application of the smartphone will then recognize the design and the app will provide screen overlays which offer a virtual model which will illustrate how the project is expected to look upon completion. It’s important to make use of drawings in the correct format in order to allow the application to provide a 360° view of the proposed project. The reality is that augmented reality has proven itself to be an incredibly valuable technology which can also be used in design analysis. It can be used to detect possible construction clashes simply by walking through the virtual world of your completed model.