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Network benchmarking is utterly vital for wireless networks, RF environments as it is an absolute must for a thorough analysis of network performance, competitive analysis, proper DAS design, troubleshooting, and customer experience.

 Our skilled and experienced field technicians have the tools and knowledge to deliver premium DAS Benchmark service to you. NTSLP technicians support all major wireless carriers and are always up to date on the latest industry news and technology in order to maintain their extraordinary know-how on methods to better serve you. We will work with you to identify your needs and quickly develop plans to efficiently fulfill them. We offer the highest standards of service, from a DAS pre-design baseline to pre and post-optimization analysis, to data collection for competitive benchmarking. When needed, our techs can even create on-site reports, saving you time and money by letting you confirm the collected data right then and there. With our cutting-edge technology and streamlined efficiency, we serve our clients with incredible speed, unrivaled quality, and technical knowledge that sets standards in the industry.


For a Flawless DAS installation, NTSLP’s detailed Benchmark testing method is the first step in the process of improving connectivity within your target location. Our specialists can schedule a Benchmark testing where they will run quality tests for signal strength and coverage and perform Site Surveys. During these evaluations, our Experienced DAS Field Technicians will assess and document any and all data which to assist and provide your In-Building Designer with all needed input throughout his full project cycle. Our benchmark testing is useful for measuring and planning signal and coverage for businesses, but also for outlining coverage for Public Safety communication networks utilizing radio frequency (RF) (including P25 and FirstNet), small cells, and multi-carrier cellular networks.

 At NTSLP we believe in wholeheartedly embracing the future, and so we have fully invested in continuously updating our Benchmark Measurement tools to deliver our service with the utmost quality, speed, and accuracy – while our competitors are still fumbling, trying to get the job done -at low cost to themselves – with phones in engineering mode.

Thanks to our NTSLP’s forward-thinking and dedicated nature, Our deployment Engineers were able to provide feedback on DAS Pre-designs and deliver swift data analysis to our customers, allowing them to see the collected information so they can make decisions for their projects in moments.

​Nouveau Construction Technology Service’s comprehensive Benchmark testing brings together our customer service values, extensive experience, and top-of-the-line technology to offer our customers accurate cellular and public safety signal measurement. The detailed Benchmark reports provided by our technicians will be clear and concise, breaking the data down sector by sector and channel by channel – allowing you to make in-depth and knowledgeable choices for your DAS Installation Projects.

NTSLP DAS deployment Engineers and Technicians are proficient in performing Benchmark testing, which includes quality-assurance and efficiency checks throughout the process, such as…

  • Design Modeling: CW testing is used to simulate the design in order to confirm quality performance before construction of the system even starts.
  •  Pre-Design Coverage Assessments: This tests the weakness and limits of any coverage that is already in use at a location.
  •  Acceptance Testing: This ensures the quality and coverage of a system once the DAS is installed.


NTSLP’s highly skilled and experienced DAS technicians and Deployment Engineers are waiting to help you with:

  • Your projects, nationwide!
  • Benchmark reports in record time.
  • Clear and speedy communication to keep you in-the-know at all times.
  • Detailed and conclusive RF survey data.
  • Expertise catering to a wide variety of projects, including iDAS and oDAS designs.

 Contact NTSLP today to get a consultation and begin bringing your connectivity and wireless up to speed.

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